Anesthesia for children and adolescents

Information for parents and caretakers

This web site provides you with helpful information if your child is going to receive anesthesia, i.e. be put to sleep for an operation or examination. You can read about pre-operative preparation and fasting routines prior to your hospital visit. We have also described what will happen when you and your child come to Astrid Lindgren Childrens Hospital, routines that we have for the operating rooms and the post-operative recovery room.

You can also find information about different types of anesthesia, risks associated with anesthesia and helpful hints on how best to inform children and adolescents about what to expect when they come to the hospital. Reading can be helpful preparation we have included a bibliography with some useful tips both for parents and children.

If you have questions after going through this material, write them down and bring them along to ask us when we see you at the hospital!

Warm wishes,The Anesthesia Staff at Astrid Lindgren Childrens Hospital

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